Allen Power

Developer of CHP / Microgrid applications

Interested in distributed generation?

  Allen Power puts it all together for you

    The right experts and technologies for your site


For your balance sheet

 Drop energy costs
 Mitigate YoY inflation and seasonal variables
 Plan your energy buy
 Improve reliability
 Reduce or eliminate need for stand-by generators
 Have a "greener" footprint
 Better fit with demand response programs

For society

 Reduce transmission and distribution CAPEX/OPEX
 Mitigate need for new utility-scale power plants
 Cleaner power generation
 Stronger electric grid
 Potential safe-harbor if grid outage


Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

 High intensity loads: commercial, industrial, dense residential
 Greater than ~200kW demand
 Demand through nights and weekends
 Good use for waste heat all year
 Process steam, HVAC, or hot water
 Can integrate with renewables and storage


 Neighbors with complimentary loads: Apartments next to offices
 One needs heat, the other electricity
 Variable pricing models (smart-grid)
 Remain synced to the grid - stay on if power cut
 Economies of scale with larger units


From initial evaluation:

 Site assessment, concept down-select

To feasibility study:

 Engineering, OEM, and contractor agnostic
 Each wins on price and performance
 Or work with your preferred provider
 Ensure the project is technically and commercially viable
 Process rigor, no surprises
 Represent your interest and business case

To project management:

 Coordination to drive your project from "go" to commissioning

To total solution asset management:

 Ownership stake options to mitigate your CAPEX/OPEX risk and provide asset management


Jason Allen, Director

 15 years of Energy OEM experience at General Electric
 Product Line Leader, 1.5MW series of wind turbines
 Manager, Project Engineering, combined cycle power plants
 Consortium Manager, Grand Coulee turbines refurbishment
 Deep energy industry and local network to advise on projects
 Driving feasibility studies in Upstate New York "NY Prize" microgrid
 Industrial CHP application
 Product Commercialization Expertise
 Introduced a commericialization process and developed the market-based product specifications for an energy sector new product
 Officer, US Army - Active Duty Officer and Graduate, United States Military Academy



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